Front-End Developer
Based in Mumbai, India

I create minimal websites. I am usually working with agencies, startups, brands, associations and other freelancers. I have already worked with many clients and still working as individual.

I can help you build your website from scratch, or just improve your existing website and make it better.



Majority of projects are developed by me on WordPress whilst few were just partially improved or completed.

For link or more info on projects, contact me.

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Currently working at Skillmatics.

Worked at Bombay Blokes for 2 years.

Worked at Cipla for 0.4 years.

Worked at Interpret Media for 0.6 years.

Worked at DS-Cubed for 0.6 years.

Still learning new skills for ∞ years.


Postgraduation from De Montfort University, United Kingdom

Graduation from Mumbai University, Mumbai

School from St. Lawrence High School, Mumbai